Back to School

Ok, so today was not as bad as I thought it would be! Waking up was difficult, but I was able to bribe myself out of bed by promising myself a delicious breakfast. Do any of you ever use breakfast to get yourself out of bed? Or am I the only one…


After enjoying yesterday’s breakfast so much, I decided to make the same thing this morning but with different fruit.

IMG_1681 Although this morning’s oatmeal was good, I think that yesterday’s (strawberries instead of blueberries) was better.


Knowing how slow I am in the morning, I packed my lunch last night.

IMG_1676 First, I made myself a turkey and swiss cheese sandwich. I love packing this for lunch because it tastes delicious and it is super easy to make.

IMG_1677 The rest of my lunch was pretty simple, but I enjoyed it :)


I was expecting my coach to give us a difficult workout for our first day back, but we were given a light day. Well… I wouldn’t exactly call any of our practices “light”, but at least it was not a testing day. For practice today we did 3 x 12 minutes (three twelve-minute pieces) on the erg (rowing machine). I was expecting to do horrible, due to not erging very much, but I did pretty well! Doing well on my pieces made me feel so much better about crew starting again. I think that this year is going to be a good year!


After practice, I came home and had dinner. Rather than cooking dinner, I reheated last night’s jumbalaya.

IMG_1682 And boy was it still delicious!!




How was your day back at school/work?

Do you ever use breakfast to get yourself out of bed?



  1. says

    The breakfast looks nice but I bet you couldnt wait to tuck into that sandwich at lunch time, it looks delicious lol.

    I only do ten minutes on the rowing machine and that is enough for me, though I go onto waits after that.

    really lovely blog, hope this is your year :O))

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