Greetings from New York!

Hey guys! I am currently writing to you all from New York :)

Yesterday morning my mom called us out of school. After packing, we headed off to the airport.


I was finally able to use my new suitcase that I got for Christmas! It was so easy for me to wheel around the airport aaaaaand it looks so cute :)



We had not eaten lunch yet so we ate at the airport. I found sushi so I haaaad to get it :) After spotting the sushi, I found a tea shop so I got a green tea drink. To be honest, I did not like the drink. It was kind of warm and watery (yuck).


(a delicious macaroon)

(Sweet home Chicago)

(Sweet home Chicago)




As we were taking pictures, the flight attendant walked past us. She turned around and said: “Hey! No pictures are allowed on this plane! That is a $100 fine!” As she said that, my mom was already snapping a picture of us:

what It turns out that she was joking, but I did not know that at the moment. Now we have a priceless photo!


(getting my homework done)

After our flight, we rented a car and headed to the hotel.

20130111-152458.jpg After settling into our hotel room, we headed out for dinner. There was a Ponderosa Steakhouse next to our hotel so we ate there.



(my dinner)


While on our way back to the hotel, we saw a Starbucks. We just had to have our green tea lattes!

After enjoying our lattes, we headed to the hotel’s gym. I have been to some awesome hotel gyms… and then some not so awesome hotel gyms. Fortunately, this hotel had a nice gym!


Pretty nice right?


(just my usual dorky self :) )


I also was able to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game. Watching tv shows makes working out so much more fun :)


This morning started pretty early for us. We woke up a 5 am (4 am our time) and had breakfast at our hotel. We then drove about an hour and forty-five minutes to Clarkson University.


(early morning drive)


(walking around Clarkson)

IMG_1710 While looking around the school, I happened to be confused…. and went into the men’s restroom. In my defense, I did not see a “men’s restroom sign”. I only say a sign above the door with a man and a woman on it. Anyway, my mom and sister thought it was hilarious. Thank goodness there were no men in there!




sooooo much snow!

After exploring the campus, we headed out for lunch. We ended up eating at Moe’s. I ordered a jr homewrecker burrito which had rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, guac, salsa, sour cream, and onions.


IMG_1719 After eating a Moe’s we stopped by Coldstone which was next door. I have not been there in soooo long and I have definitely missed it :)


POTD #11


Do you have any funny airport/airplane stories?

Have you ever gone into the wrong bathroom?


  1. says

    Your meal from Moe’s looks delicious! I haven’t had any really funny experiences at the airport… just some bad ones and boring ones lol. I can’t recall a time when I went into the wrong bathroom.. but I have been in a ladies restroom when a man walked in. Pretty awkward! At least there was noone in there when you went in, it would have been way more embarassing if there was!
    Beth Lombardi recently posted…MIA.My Profile

  2. says

    Ohh my gosh I totally thought the flight attendant was serious I was going to say WAHHHTTTT!!? That’s a great confused photo. Once when I was like 13 I went in to the mens bathroom at a pizza place and I was so freaked out. Now I voluntarily go into the mens bathroom (only the one with one toilet like at a gas station) if I have to pee bad enough and if the womens is occupied. HA.

  3. says

    You take the prettiest photos! And you are so pretty! I love the flight attendant pic, it is pretty priceless. OMG the Vera stuff you own! Love that and your cute suitcase! I have so much Vera, just got a new iPhone case today by them. Your steak meal looks great! Gotta go steak at a steakhouse right? Mmmm I love Coldstone. I haven’t had it in forever either! Actually same with Moe’s. Note to self – correct.
    Caitlin recently posted…Fashion Friday: Back to BasicsMy Profile

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