It is only Tuesday?

Today was a long day for me. School seemed long and practice was difficult. In addition, I thought that it was harder for me to wake up this morning than yesterday morning.


After tweeting with Dixya about eggs and avocado, I decided to make some this morning. The only problem was that the avocados in my house are still not ripe. Bummer. So I made cheesy eggs with tomatoes and turkey.

IMG_1687 The eggs tasted really delicious, so I quickly forgot about the avocados :)


IMG_1684 Today’s lunch was pretty good, but my greek yogurt got a little warm. Besides that, I had a good lunch :)


We started off practice with a team stretching session and then hopped on the ergs (rowing machines) for a 15 minute warmup. After warming up, we went on a 2 mile Indian run (when everyone runs in a single file line and the last person in line has to sprint to the front and so on). I was hoping that the Indian run would be the end of practice, but my coach had more plans in mind. When we arrived back from our run, our coach instructed us to get into groups of three. We were to complete a relay race that would take 30 minutes. I know that it might not sound that difficult… but it was. We were to rotate between erging, squats while throwing a ball (is there a name for this?), and resting. My group decided upon erging for 2 minutes (at full pressure) for each rotation. So in other words, every 2 minutes we traded stations.

After 1 round (6 minutes), I was exhausted. I forgot how tiring relays are!

When I came home, I knew that I wanted a protein shake. After looking through the cabinets, I found Nutella and had a wonderful idea.


I blended together 1 frozen banana, whey protein powder, soy milk, and Nutella. And booooy was it delicious!



How was your Tuesday?



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    I seriously NEVER thought to use turkey in eggs. Never! I always thought of ham, or sausage, or even chicken, but never turkey. What a great idea. Thats a much leaner protein than ham, and could shake up the flavor! Thanks!

    My Tuesday was alright. We started school on Tuesday, so everyone was a bit excited to be back. Today will probably be a drag though. Oh well, gotta push through! Happy Hump Day!
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