Fair + Haircut

Wheeeww! What a busy weekend! Where do I begin..

Well for starters, I kicked off my weekend by looking at dishwashers and refrigerators for around 7 hours. Our refrigerator has been freezing our food and our freezer has been melting our food. Not a good combo I suppose. After having yet another gallon of milk frozen, we decided that it was time to get a new one. As for the dishwasher, it stopped turning on. Wonderful, right?

After several hours of searching for the right refrigerator and dishwasher, we finally found a dishwasher and refrigerator. Unfortunately, it took forever to actually purchase them. Best Buy offered us a great deal for the two, but we had to sit on hold with Citi Bank (partners with Best Buy) for.. well.. forever. It really sucked. 20140721-151059-54659927.jpg Fortunately for me, my mom was feeling generous and finally decided to invest in a Blendtec blender. Long story short: I have been eyeing Vitamix blenders for a long time now. I mean come on, I am a smoothie addict. You all should know that by now. If you do not, look at my smoothie recipe tab. Those aren’t even a 1/10th of what I make. Anyway, we stopped by Costco last week to pick up some bulk necessities (e.g. shampoo, paper towels) when we saw a Blendtec rep. After harassing interrogating him, I learned that Blendtec is not only stronger than vitamix (in horsepower) but it is significantly cheaper. Um. Why hadn’t I considered Blendtec before? Not to mention, their warranty is for 8 years. Score!

Well fast forward a week, and my mom decided to buy the blender. My overall thought on the Blender? Wonderful. I could not be any happier with it. It grinds ice smoothly, unlike my old blender.. which left awkward chunks.. ew. It also can juice vegetables and/or fruit. I already tried juicing with it and loved the results! I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it to juice well.

beforeafter Oh and more awesome news, I FINALLY cut my hair. I have been too lazy to cut it/do anything to it.. so it has been looking pretty gross. The before picture shows just how long and boring it was getting. It also shows how bad hair looks when you sleep with wet hair. Anyway, I decided that it was time to cut it, so I made an appointment at the salon by my house. For some reason I wanted my hair cut right away, so I took their only available hair appointment left at 7:45 pm. Once I arrived at the salon, I began doubting my decision. It scared me a little that my stylist, who I had never met before, was their cheapest stylist. While I do love a good deal, I couldn’t help wondering why he was the cheapest. Was he bad? Or did he just learn how to cut hair? Well, my fears/doubts immediately vanished after meeting him. Unlike every other stylist I had, he told me exactly what I needed to do with my hair. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I barely had to tell him anything. He knew exactly what I wanted and needed and did just that. I am so happy that I made the decision to get my haircut that night! I will definitely be sticking with him! I fear that his prices may go up though.. he’s probably better than everyone else there..


Saturday morning started off with.. a smoothie. To make this smoothie I threw in:

  • 1 apple
  • 1 peach
  • 2 handfuls of kale
  • 1/4 beet
  • 1/2 cantaloupe

After adding those raw ingredients to the blender with a splash of almond milk to get it all moving. After around 30 seconds, the fruit and vegetables were completely liquified. I was very impressed.. and still am, if you couldn’t already tell.

Once the vegetables were liquified, I added frozen pineapple, banana, protein powder, & ice to the juice to create a smoothie. The end result: a fruity tasting smoothie with protein & lots of vitamins! It also made around 2.5 servings, so I shared the rest with my mom and sister. And I may.. or may not have told them that there was kale inside.. shhhh!


After enjoying our smoothies, we headed out to our town’s French Market. We first visited the French Market last weekend.. and well.. we are in love.

20140721-161829-58709039.jpgEverything there is extremely fresh & locally grown. Not only is the food locally grown, but it tastes phenomenal. I can’t get enough of their eggs, bacon, and tomatoes. As a matter of fact, I have never had better bacon in my life. Now that is saying something.

20140721-161209-58329520.jpgAt the French Market, we picked up some fresh pretzel bread and bison patties for lunch. My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over to hangout and have a BBQ :)The bison burgers turned out phenomenal. I blame it on the fresh pretzel rolls. Additionally, my uncle was able to figure out what was wrong with out dishwasher so that’s a plus! Only downside, now we have a big gap in our cabinets from where the dishwasher used to be (look at the first picture above). At least we will have a functioning dishwasher soon.

20140721-151104-54664322.jpgAfter our BBQ, we all headed out to our town’s fair! I haven’t gone in several years, so it was nice going again. 20140721-151103-54663045.jpgI had a great time taking pictures at the fair. It was too pretty of a day not too!20140721-151100-54660947.jpgView from top of ferris wheel.

20140721-151104-54664721.jpgAll of the pics were taken on my iPhone, but I think they still turned out well :)

20140721-151104-54664919.jpgAs for Sunday, I went out to breakfast with my mom & grandma. Besides that, I studied all day for the chem test that I had this morning. Hopefully I did well!

What have you all been up to?

Current Happenings

I feel like I have been horrible at posting on here lately & I am sorry! Sometimes I get swamped with things that fall on my top priorities list. While I do love writing on here and talking to you all, my school work comes first. I am sure you all understand.

So, what have I been up to this past week? Well, lots of studying for Chem and finishing the ridiculous amount of homework I get every night. To give you an idea of how much time I spend on Chem, let’s just say that I spent 5 hours working on my Chemistry homework on Tuesday. Those 5 hours were spent with just me, my Chemistry, and tea. No Facebook or any other kinds of social media. I guess you could say, I have been working very hard these past 6 weeks. With that said, I can’t wait to be finished with this class!

And while I have been spending most of my time with a beautiful website called MasteringChemistry.com (AKA where my horrible homework exists), I have been able to spend quality time with my family. 20140717-162925-59365195.jpg

These past few weeks I have been eating Bohemian food with my mom and grandma, which has been wonderful. I know that my brother and sister dread eating sauerkraut, pork, & dumplings.. but I love it. I love sitting an enjoying good food and listening to my grandma’s stories and learning more about my family. I guess I just love learning more about my ancestors and how life used to be. Anyone else feel that way? 20140717-162925-59365368.jpg I have also been spending a lot of my time with Garth. Going away to college made me miss him so much! He’s also getting pretty old now, so I am trying to spend as much time as possible with him. It’s sad seeing your dog, and those you love, age.

20140717-162925-59365743.jpgI also have been spending a lot of time training. It’s been tough with the amount of homework I have on the weekdays but I have been making it work. I also have been loving the beautify scenery and sunsets during my runs. It’s definitely a good way to clear my head of chemical reactions..

20140717-163601-59761989.jpg(Pic from last night’s run)

On another note, I posted the Part 2 to my Peru Adventures video last Friday. For those of you who have not seen it yet, check it out below.

I know I have been on a video kick lately, but I just can’t help it! I love sharing videos with you all! :)

Peru Video

Ok guys, so I have come to the realization that I have never mentioned on here that I went to Peru earlier this year… With that said, I am telling you all now becaaaaaaaause… I made a video for you guys!! I filmed my entire experience there so that you all could experience Peru through my video rather than through some photos.

I hope that you all enjoy watching this video :) and get ready because part 2 is coming out this Friday at 12pm CT! I can’t wait for you all to see it :D



How to Make Multi-Colored Cupcakes

As I promised you all in my Independence Day recap, here is how to make multi-colored cupcakes!! They were ridiculously easy to make, so I highly recommend giving it a try.  cupcakes.jpg
Aaaaaaaaaand.. I made a video to help you all out!

As for the recipe, you can use any vanilla or confetti recipe or cake mix you have. My favorite recipe is by Sally’s Baking Addiction found here. I also used her frosting recipe and it turned out amaaaazing. As for my inspiration, I was struck by how pretty Sally’s Tie Dye Cake turned so I decided to try it myself.

IMG_9514 Not only were these cupcakes easy to make, but they tasted amazing and were a huge hit with the fam!

Fourth of July Celebration

Hi everyone!! I hope that you all had a great time on the fourth of July! I know I did :)  IMG_9501 This year I decided to bake red, white, & blue cupcakes. They turned out absolutely amazing, so I will be sharing how I made them tomorrow @ 7 am to be exact :)  IMG_9506 For the first time ever, we celebrated the fourth of July at my house instead of at my grandma’s house. We usually swim a lot at my grandma’s house, so I was kind of doubting that my house would be much fun.. but it was! It also didn’t hurt that my grandma made delicious food ;)  IMG_9508 We all ate ribs, homemade potato salad, corn on the cob, ham, homemade kolaches, cupcakes, and lots of other things.  IMG_9512 Needless to say, my pants may have grown tighter from all of this food..  IMG_9516 In addition to all of the food we ate, there was a lot of playing around done.  IMG_9519  And lots of smiles were flashed.  IMG_9532 My favorite thing we did was sitting around the bonfire.  IMG_9541 Nothing beats a good ol’ bonfire on a summer evening.  IMG_9538 And then there was some playing around again :)  IMG_9539  IMG_9535  IMG_9551  And you can’t celebrate the fourth of July without some sparklers.  IMG_9580  And my brother’s friends all looked as ridiculous as he did.  IMG_9586  And while Ev and his friends ran around lighting off fire works, Ashley and her friends watched. It definitely was a sight to see.  IMG_9574 Even Garth joined in on some of the fun.  IMG_9592

And while my firework pictures turned out very lame this year, I still had a great time :)

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

Rainy Day

IMG_9461 Scratch that. Rainy month. These past four weeks have been filled with rainy days. At first, I loved it! Back in California there was little to no rain.  IMG_9464 While I do love rain, I am feeling the effects of the gray skies and humidity. I am finding myself sooooooo sleepy. Too bad I have Chemistry to worry about! My last test of the “semester” is tomorrow so I need to study more. With that said, this is my study break :) IMG_9471 To keep myself awake, I have been sipping on green tea while working on Chemistry. I sure do love my green tea :)  IMG_9454 I also have been loving this chicken salad sandwich. I tried making this for the first time yesterday and have been obsessed since. To make this sandwich, I used a Waldorf chicken salad from the Fresh Market. Unlike most chicken salads, this one has pecans and grapes inside. I knew after seeing it in the grocery store that I had to try it, and I am happy I did! Now I need to re-create it myself…  IMG_9483 As for dinner, I had tilapia with lemon juice and pepper. Simple and delicious. No worries though, I had been snacking before hand :P

Well, I should get back to studying. Wish me luck :)

P.S. there may be a fourth of July recipe video on here in the near future..

Egg + Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Good morning everyone!

IMG_9448 This morning I decided to try something new and make a breakfast sandwich. I have never made one of these on my own before, but they are surprisingly simple to make. For this breakfast sandwich, I used:

  • 1 english muffin
  • 2 slices of turkey bacon
  • 1 over easy egg
  • mashed avocado
  • coconut oil

To make it, I just slathered coconut oil onto my english muffin and then toasted it in the toaster oven. Then, I cooked my turkey bacon and egg. Lastly, I smeared avocado onto the top slice of my English muffin and put the egg on the bottom slice with the bacon on top. Simple.

Not only was it super easy to make, but it tasted amazing. Definitely making more of these in the future!

Chicago + Stellar App

If there has been one thing that I have been dying to do since coming back home, it has been to go downtown and walk around.

20140628-225515-82515999.jpgFortunately, my uncle offered for my sister and I to come downtown and walk around!


Once there, we headed to China town for some dinner! 20140628-225951-82791483.jpgThere, we enjoyed delicious sushi :)

20140628-230119-82879264.jpgAnd of course I had to get a green tea smoothie from Joy Yee. Their smoothies are phenomenal. 20140628-230119-82879399.jpg My aunt and my sister!20140628-230119-82879529.jpgAfter dinner, we spent the rest of our night walking around Chicago. 20140628-230912-83352830.jpgWe walked around the lake and eventually made our way over to Molly’s Cupcakes20140628-230912-83352526.jpgMolly’s Cupcakes are ridiculously good. For those of you have been reading for a while, you may remember me raving about them here and here. Let’s just say, I am obsessed.

After enjoying our cupcakes and playing Connect Four (games provided in Molly’s Cupcakes), we walked off our cupcakes by exploring Lincoln Park.

Wondering why some of these pics have captions on them? Well, I added their captions on an app called Steller. On this app, you can create stories by using photos, text, and/or videos. I love trying new apps, so I decided to give this app a try. So far, I am loving it!

Want to see the pictures along with videos from Friday, check out my Steller Story here!

Have you ever used Steller or visted Chicago?