Spring Training Recap

Hey guys!!  Long time no talk :) I just made it through my second round of final exams in college as well as my first collegiate spring training! With that said, I put together a video for my teammates with the intention of making them laugh and to bring back the good memories we made together. The video ended up turning out very well, so I thought that I would share it with you all. With that said, I hope that this video gives you all a taste of what our spring training looked like.

Oh, and just a heads up.. the first song in this video is a bit… awkward/somewhat provocative so I apologize in advanced. I used this song in our video due to it being an inside joke for my team. Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy my video :)

Brittany’s Guide to Starbucks

Hey guys!! I am not sure why, but I don’t have a ridiculous amount of homework due tomorrow (thank goodness). I usually get so much homework that I never have time to do anything else!

20140213-113634.jpg Despite having a decent amount of homework, I still decided to go to Starbucks. I am always more productive in Starbucks than in my dorm, so I hope to get all of my work done early today!

Before I get back to finishing my homework, I thought that I would share some of my favorite things to order at Starbucks. After all, I really know my Starbucks (I am probably an addict.. let’s be honest).

Brittany’s Guide to Starbucks

If you want something refreshing and light…

  • Order an iced tea or refresher

If you want something sweet and delicious (but not healthy)…

  • Try a Frappuccino! My favorite ones to order are the green tea frapps and most recently, the cookies n’cream secret menu frapp! Oh my gosh people. You need to try the cookies in cream one sometime, it actually tastes like an oreo paradise. No joke. I love it sooo much! To order it, simply ask for a double chocolate chip frapp with white mocha syrup in it. I usually replace the white mocha with their mocha.. but I guess you can do both?


  • Try a carmel macchiato. I have actually never tried one myself, but I hear that they are amazing. Apparently they are some of the most ordered drinks at Starbucks, so there must be a reason for that.
  • Order a white chocolate mocha. I haven’t actually tried this one, but I have heard great things

If you are looking for something tasty, yet on the light side:

  • My go to light drink is the green tea frapp. I usually order this without syrup and with either non-fat milk or 2% milk.
  • Similarly, I often order their green tea latte with no syrup with either non-fat or 2% milk.
  • Iced tea
  • Chai tea lattes with less pumps of syrup
  • Any drink labeled as light

As a general rule, if you are concerned with the sugar or fat content of their drinks, just customize your drink by asking for less syrup (or none at all) and reduced fat milk.

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

More Posts

Hey guys! Sorry for the super long wait. This quarter has been pretty hectic, so I apologize for the lack of posts! On the bright side, I am required to write posts on a blog I have for (a leadership) class .. so feel free to check it out here.

I hope that I will be able to get on here more often, but for now you can expect to see a post on my class blog every Sunday at 12pm central time!

Talk to you all later!